Prices / Services

Kent Chapel Wedding at Newlands Chapel.
Kent Chapel Wedding at Newlands Chapel.

Prices and Services:

Although bookings are taken throughout the year we are an exclusive venue and as such only host a small number per annum. With over twenty-five years experience in corporate hospitality we are more than happy to give advice on all aspects concerning your event.

Exclusive use for the Chapel and Grounds – we only book one function per day.
A private room for the Bride’s interview.
Covered Straw Bales.
An abundance of Candles.
Chairs for the Bride and Groom during Readings etc.
We are happy to play your chosen music – without the need to dedicate a member of your party.
Fresh Herbs for the floor and water buckets.

No additional charge for post ceremony Blessings.

Other Services:

Should you wish for us to take a more proactive role in the organisation of your special day, including, but not limited to:

Our Knights Templar
Our Knights Templar

Personalised Bride & Groom travel arrangements
Guests transport
Floral dressing and arrangements
Our resident Knights Templar

We use the services of reputable local businesses that we have worked with before and who offer both value for money and are  familiar with the venue to make your day look and feel even more special. Couples often experience the finding and coordinating of all the various aspects on what will be a life changing day to be challenging and often stressful. Our ambition is to make your day and experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible and have a wide and varied experience and database to draw upon.

Details and prices available upon request.

Viewings are strictly on an appointment basis as the Chapel is on private grounds – Thank you.


Parking is restricted. (Norman Chapels were not built with cars in mind!)

We will work with you to ensure your parking and travel requirements are mapped out for the day enabling your day to run smoothly and efficiently.


Directions will be given upon enquiry.